We empower schools and districts to improve student social, emotional, and academic well-being

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At Sown To Grow, we believe...

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Students should drive learning

When students sit in the driver's seat and are given a chance to shape their learning journey, they build critical skills along the way.

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Reflection makes us better

Coupled with hard work and feedback, quality reflection helps students learn how to improve and see their own growth.

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Data needs to be actionable

We strive to make data accessible, interpretable, and meaningful, so educators and students can use it to take the action they need.

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Classroom success is our success

Impactful learning tools must be engaging for students, easy for teachers, insightful for leaders, and scalable for districts.

Our contributors & interns

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Jacqueline Keene
Product analytics, MBA intern

We're advised by educators nationwide

A map of the United States that shows where Sown To Grow has educator advisors. There are 20 advisors spread out across the US. This version of the map shows their headshots.

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