Student data & privacy

Data can fuel powerful insights to improve educational experiences and outcomes, but it must be used thoughtfully and with the highest respect for privacy and equity. At Sown To Grow, we take extensive measures to protect the data of students and educators.

Our commitments to data privacy

An illustration of a female teacher with long brown hair in a red headband, a yellow blouse, and long red skirt. She is exploring a very large screen of data that show different charts and insights.
Student data is only accessible by educators with permissions to see that data.

We minimize the amount of student personally identifiable information we have by only collecting what is absolutely necessary for students and educators to use our products.

An illustration of a young Black student and his South Asian teacher celebrating the positive emotional trend that student is displaying on a upward trending line graph.
We ONLY use student data for providing our services within their education context.

We do not sell student data. We don’t use it for advertising, marketing, or any other commercial purposes.

An illustration of a yellow lock with green chalk accents and gears drawn around it.
STG follows industry best practices in data security and undergo regular testing.

All data is encrypted and stored in secure cloud-based servers, users are notified in case of a breach, and regular data security training and penetration testing is conducted.

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