School leader experience overview. Image shows how the student Weekly Emotional Check-In leads to insights for leaders leaders. Shows the student emoji check-in and school emotion dashboards.

Sown To Grow for school leaders

Sown To Grow expands school leaders’ understanding of student well-being across their school to ensure every child has a caring adult on their side.
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"I can easily see how my learners are feeling as a whole group. My teachers and I can see trends and Sown To Grow provides us with valuable information in order to provide targeted support to learners in immediate need."
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Keri Applegate
Bear Gulch Elementary
Central School District

Key features

Students complete an easy and engaging emotional check-in each week in their classroom or advisory period.

Accessibility and grade-level-appropriate accommodations allow every student to share their voice.

An illustration of the Weekly Emotional Check-In and reflection space with five emojis ranging from awful to awesome expressions and free response space for students to share how they are feeling. This graphic shows that the student has expressed that they aren't feeling good and explaining that they're stressed from school work.

Teachers respond to students. We offer response suggestions to build teacher confidence in supporting students.

We provide training and professional development to build up the social-emotional support capacity of your school.

An illustration of the teacher response to the student Weekly Emotional Check-In. Student expresses stress and negative feelings in their reflection. The teacher selects from response suggestions to help provide support to the student.

School leaders receive an alert if a student shares a reflection indicating they may need immediate support.

This real-time feature identifies students who are struggling that might otherwise fall through the cracks.

An illustration of the Concerning Reflection Alerts System showing a list of student reflections that the system flagged as having concerning language or tone.

Our CASEL-aligned SEL curriculum equips teachers with easy, flexible tools to deepen social-emotional learning.

Differentiated curriculum by grade level (K-12) and pre/post SEL competency surveys support student growth over time.

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An illustration of the Social Emotional Learning module. The left image shows a series of lessons for sixth graders on self-awareness. The right image shows a bar chart of student social emotional learning pre/post growth. It shows how students grew in multiple areas of SEL after completing the lessons.

School leaders access a dashboard of student well-being data from that week and trends over time.

Real-time insights help school leaders tailor support strategies to students and coach staff.

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An illustration of the School Admin Insights. The top back graphic shows a dial gauging student average emotions across the school. The bottom front image shows a line graph of student emotions shifting over time.

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An illustration of a boy student with blond hair and glasses sits on a bean bag and types on a computer. A  girl with black hair stands behind him and points to something on the computer. They are surrounded by decorative green chalk illustrations.
Weekly emotional check-in
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An illustration of a Black female student sitting at her desk with her laptop open. Her teacher sits next to her, chatting enthusiastically. There are green chalk illustrations drawn around them and a cloudy-like white background.
Weekly academic check-in
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An illustration of a teacher with red hair, pale skin, and wearing a blue shirt with grey sweats. The teacher stands at a blackboard and writes "Lesson 1" on the board. The image is surrounded by green chalk accent stars.
SEL curriculum & assessment
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District leaders
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Counselors & social workers
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