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Help students explore and strengthen learning habits, then visualize their academic growth.

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An illustration of a Black female student sitting at her desk with her laptop open. Her teacher sits next to her, chatting enthusiastically. There are green chalk illustrations drawn around them.

With a quick weekly check-in...

An illustration of a student with dark hair holding a giant pencil and marking something complete as she stands on a line that shows the upward progress she made to complete this goal.

Students take ownership of their learning experience & develop personalized strategies.

An illustration of a teacher with red hair writing down a check box. A South Asian girl climbs a ladder to complete the check box with chalk. You see the progress the student made.

Teachers understand their students’ individual learning styles & support their growth.

An illustration of a young Black student and his South Asian teacher celebrating the positive emotional trend that student is displaying on a upward trending line graph.

Schools build a culture rooted in growth mindset where students can learn at their best.

How does it work?

Self reporting grades and reflecting on learning habits builds health routines and supports student metacognition.

An illustration of the Weekly Academic Check-In featuring two cards. The top back card shows a line graph of student grades over time, trending up. The bottom front cards show the Weekly Emotional Check-In and reflection space with five emojis ranging from awful to awesome expressions and free response space for students to share how they are feeling.

An easy-to-use teacher portal allows teachers to helps students develop learning strategies that work for them.

A graphic showing how the response suggestions technology works. It shows how the technology reads a reflection, then categorizes the reflection, and outputs a suggestion based on that analysis.

Academic reflection insights illustrate the connection between student empowerment and academic outcomes.

An illustration of the Weekly Academic Check-In Teacher Portal view where a teacher can see a list of students in their class with each students' selected emoji for the week, the quality score for their reflection, the student's reflection, and a button for the teacher to respond to the student.

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