Weekly emotional

A consistent reflection & feedback routine that proactively supports student well-being.

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An illustration of a boy student with blond hair and glasses sits on a bean bag and types on a computer. A  girl with black hair stands behind him and points to something on the computer. They are surrounded by decorative green chalk illustrations.

With a quick weekly check-in...

An illustration of a boy student with black hair and tan skin, typing on a laptop.

Students have a space to share authentically & practice applying key skills & strategies.

An illustration of a text exchange between a student and a teacher. The student avatar has short curly black hair and tan skin inside a green bubble. The teacher avatar has brown hair in a ponytail inside an orange bubble. The student text reads "I'm tired. I keep falling asleep in math." and the teacher text reads "What can you do to get more sleep at home."

Teachers build trusting relationships with students & better understand their needs.

An illustration of a blue laptop with arrows connecting out to colorful bubbles with headshots of different people in them, to indicate an online connection.

Schools identify and help students that need additional support in real-time.

How does it work?

A simple, consistent routine where students share how they are feeling each week.

An illustration of the Weekly Emotional Check-In and reflection space with five emojis ranging from awful to awesome expressions and free response space for students to share how they are feeling. This graphic shows that the student has expressed that they aren't feeling good and explaining that they're stressed from school work.

An easy-to-use teacher portal to provide student feedback, with technology to support.

An illustration of the teacher response to the student Weekly Emotional Check-In. Student expresses stress and negative feelings in their reflection. The teacher selects from response suggestions to help provide support to the student.

A dynamic administrator portal with real-time insights into student well-being and alerts for students who are are struggling.

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An illustration of the School Admin Insights. The top back graphic shows a dial gauging student average emotions across the school. The bottom front image shows a line graph of student emotions shifting over time.

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